Here is my current flash and availability for TORONTO

I will be tattooing at Seven Eight Tattoo and Backyard Tattoo

Designs with a dot next to them have already been claimed in a previous round of booking

Some info about my process:

  • All my tattoos are handpoked (machine free)

with tattoo needles and black tattoo ink

  • On average they take between 1 - 3 hours

  • I only tattoo drawings once. This allows everyone

to have a piece that is unique to them :)

Thanks for taking the time to fill out all the information below


You must be 18 or older
Please list a brief description of the design you would like. If the design has a letter/number associated with it include it here. If you are requesting a variation of an existing tattoo write 'variation'.
I only tattoo my drawings once (with the exception of friends specifically asking for matching tattoos). This allows everyone to have a piece that is unique to them :) Are there other designs you would choose if the design you requested has been claimed? If so, let me know below (in order of preference). Alternatively, is there a drawing I've tattooed that you'd like to request a variation of? During guest spots I will most likely only tattoo flash, but if you have a custom request tell me about it below. I occasionally take custom requests if I believe they will work in my style // if I have extra time. Please use as much detail as possible when describing your custom idea, and feel free to email me any photos of other tattoos I've done, for reference.
What placement are you considering? You can decide at the appointment if you're unsure :) Respond in terms of body areas (ex. forearm, upper arm, thigh, ankle, etc.) I typically do not tattoo ribs, feet, or fingers.
If you would like the design to be a different size than the indicated dimensions you can request that here and I will do my best to accommodate
Select all dates you are free to book an appointment
Now that you've selected potential dates, what time(s) are you free on those days? Let me know about any other obligations//scheduling conflicts you have on those days.
Anything else I need to know before the appointment? (ex. Is this your first tattoo? Visiting from out of town? Do you have a specific budget you're trying to stay within?) If you and a friend want to book appointments on the same day they must fill out their own form. Include their name here. Do you have any medical conditions that need to be mentioned? (allergies, pregnant, nursing, hemophilia, heart conditions, hepatitis, HIV, etc.)
Once we have set an appointment I will ask you to send a $65 CAD deposit via paypal to secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable and will be used towards the final cost of the tattoo. Remainder must be paid in cash at the time of appointment.