SUNday, November 18, 2018

Join Side Clay Studio for clay + tea:  the first event in a series of cross-medium collaborations.


RISING RED LOTUS invites you to gather for tea.

Following the practice of Gong Fu Cha, “tea with great skill”, Rising Red Lotus will lead a ceremony where tradition, practice, art, and meditation meet. An intimate tea session will follow a brief discussion on the tools of tea, methods of brewing, tea growing and processing.

The focus will be on the artist’s personal favorite tea - Oolong. Rising Red Lotus considers this tea the most artful in its cultivation and processing. You’ll taste the matured and complex spectrum of flavors and aromas strengthen through a succession of tastings.

In addition to an informative ceremony, each guest will take home a handbuilt ceramic teacup made by Side Clay Studio.

Whether you're an avid tea drinker or embarking on a new experience, our time together will bring clarity to the power of tea.

Seating is limited. $50 per seat.

Reserve your session below at either 11AM, 12PM, or 1PM. You will receive a follow up email with steps for payment.

Please select which session you would like to attend